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Customer Engagement

customer engagement

Client Case Study:
Global Insurance Company (Top 50)

Requirement: CUSTOMER SURVEY and ITT for a firm catering within a London Landmark building. 

5 Features of our unique approach:

  • We ran a company-wide survey inviting over 500 of the firm’s employees to participate.
  • We analysed the survey results and managed focus groups to gather quality feedback.
  • We found out how the firm’s employees ate throughout the day, what they really liked and how they might consider using the catering space.
  • We wrote an ITT to focus caterers on agile space, reduced queue and hot food solutions.
  • We engaged client facilities, event and procurement teams and the company president.

3 Key results:

  1. An unprecedented 32% of company staff responded to our Customer Survey.
  2. We included the survey insights in our ITT to help find the “best fit” caterer for the firm.
  3. We proposed a new event caterer focused on agile space and improved customer engagement, who delivered an uplift in sales of 600% by the first month, post launch.

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