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Catering Design

catering design

Client Case Study:
Global Insurance Company (Top 3)

Requirement: CATERING DESIGN consultancy for a new kitchen in a London Landmark building

5 Features of our unique approach:

  • We project managed a hospitality kitchen design around a bespoke a-la-carte menu.
  • We recruited preferred specialist partners: a Michelin-star chef and kitchen designers.
  • We attended project meetings liaising with over 40 members – interior designers, surveyors, technicians, engineers and other specialists.
  • We demonstrated our knowledge around service – kitchen, prep and food processes, workflow, storage maximisation, light and heavy equipment and area segregation.
  • We focused on space maximisation workflow patterns, ergonomic solutions, sanitisation, refrigeration, state-of-the-art but sustainable energy-efficient equipment, food safety, health & safety, food waste streams, green policies, deliveries, building access, mechanical and electrical services and building fabric.

3 Key results:

  1. We scoped and evolved 6 kitchen drafts, plans and equipment inventories.
  2. We collaborated with client and project team for key joined-up deliverables.
  3. We recommended various added value hospitality-specific and sustainable features.

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