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Digital Catering

Digital Catering

Client Case Study:
Global Law Firm (Top 12)

Requirement: DIGITAL APP focus in an ITT for company catering for 800 people.

5 Features of our unique approach:

  • We focused on “best practice” mobile / online ordering initiative to engage customers.
  • We wrote an ITT that featured the requirement for a strong customer engagement app.
  • We involved and drew on the specialist digital expertise of our associate consultant.
  • We only contacted those caterers whose apps we were confident could deliver.
  • We ensured that each bidder submitted an app for tender evaluation purposes.

3 Key results:

  1. We software tested that all 6 catering customer engagement apps matched retailers.
  2. We proposed 3 shortlist bidders whose apps best delivered – marketing, loyalty, menu customisation, allergen information and feedback.
  3. We proposed a new caterer showcasing “best” customer engagement app technology.

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