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Catering Tenders

Client Case Study:
Global Law Firm (Top 20)

Requirement: CATERING TENDER of catering, hospitality and vending for 800 people in conjunction with an office move. 

5 Features of our unique approach:

  • We ran a tender over a tight but well planned 6-week period.
  • We benchmarked the local area, providing a unique insight into the local coffee culture.
  • We brought all stakeholders together in a fully inclusive and engaging ITT process.
  • We developed a unique TAF platform so all shortlisted caterers could perform well.
  • We created the circumstances in which the shortlisted caterers could showcase their exceptional culinary talents and managerial expertise to all stakeholders.

3 Key results:

  1. We elicited 6 exciting bidder proposals which lead to 3 shortlisted contractors.
  2. We ran 3 unique food presentations to engage all stakeholders.
  3. We proposed appointing a caterer to engage hearts and minds of the firm through food.

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