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TAFTALKS 2020 Report | Catering for the post Covid customer

Definitive guide to foodservices for facilities | October 2020

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  • TAF Catering Consultancy presents a special report on how UK workplaces can change their habits around foodservices to a transformed post COVID-19 employee who needs 24/7 feeding (in the office or at home).
  • The report combines TAF’s overview of the MINTEL’s “The Future of Eating Out | Impact of COVID-19” Report) plus TAF’s insight on best practice.

TAF share our view of the world of foodservices to support corporate organisations, and UK economy, manage the changing landscape post COVID-19.

Report content – 2 Key Insights:

  1. 13 CUSTOMER INSIGHTS in a post COVID-19 world:
    (1) Mind Body Wellness, (2) Quality vs Pricing, (3) Safety | Top of Mind, (4) Cashless Payments, (5) Tech Today, (6) Experiences & Online Experiential, (7) Rise of the Ready-Meal, (8) Eating Out Resurgence, (9) Treating Out, (10) Townie Takeaways, (11) Couples Catering, (12) Fast Food Gen-Zers and (13) Pizza Weathers Storm.
  2. 10 DISRUPTIVE INNOVATIONS in a post COVID-19 world
    (1) Al Fresco Dining, (2) Dark Kitchens/CPUs, (3) Experiential Marketing, (4) Grocerants, (5) Micro Markets, (6) Meal Kits/Ready-To-Cook, (7) Pop Up Catering, (8) Simplified Menus, (9) Desk Delivered and (10) Foodservice Collaborations.
  3. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION in a post COVID-19 world
    (A) App Tech Disruption and (B) Techdine Disruption.
TAF Talks 2020 report

TUPE Transfers: An Overview on Current Legislation Booklet

TAF catering reports

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TUPE is an important topic:

  1. It is relevant to the foodservices industry because of the frequent service provision changes taking place and

  2. It is a particularly complex area of employment law that relates to the wider issue of managing change within organisations. 

As a consultant, having managed Catering Tenders resulting in change of service and catering provider, I felt it was important to outline the fundamental aspects of current legislation in a concise, easy to read booklet, and how they relate to contract catering establishments, for both operators and client organisations who need to familiarise themselves with the key areas.

Alex Mingoni, Catering Consultant, TAF Catering Consultancy Ltd

SUP Spotlight on UK Foodservices

Special report on single use plastics | March 2019

  • TAF Catering Consultancy’s latest UK Foodservice sector special report focuses on the challenge of Single Use Plastics within the UK Foodservice Sector today.

  • The report is the only in-depth review and benchmark of how UK Foodservices is dealing with the challenges around single use plastics today.

As a result of changing societal views, as well as governmental, local and global initiatives setting a course to change our behaviour to sustain the planet, TAF seeks to Inspire UK Foodservices to ‘Drive A Plastic Pollution Revolution’ with this first-of-a-kind report.

Report content – 7 Key Areas:

  1. Detailed statistics on governmental, global and local initiatives
  2. Foodservice sector plastic policy benchmark: 5 Grocery Retailers, 5 Food Franchises, 5 Foodservice Companies
  3. Case study examples and success rates
  4. The future of the plastic pledge in London
  5. Recommendations to consider your own SUP Policy
  6. 90-Page report in digital format
  7. Foreword by Jim McNeill, one of the world’s most experienced polar explorers and logistician on BBC landmark productions such as Frozen Planet, Human Planet and The Natural World series


Food services report


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