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Month: December 2021

TAF Post-Pandemic Catering Consultancy | 2021 in Numbers

We just wanted to THANK all our corporate clients, the contract caterers we speak to and those others with whom we’ve collaborated throughout (other consultants and specialist experts) this year because without you/them … we would not have been able to continue to listen, collaborate & deliver catering consultancy solutions.

A special shout out to our new nationwide corporate clients: two essential UK service providers, a UK property company, a leading UK energy provider & a leading UK financial services provider … you know who you are!

For those not yet in our network, TAF Catering Consultancy is thriving in an unsettled UK market, with corporate clients looking for FRESH, FORWARD-THINKING, INNOVATIVE, APP-SAVVY & SUSTAINABILITY focused solutions.

So, if you’re in FACILITIES & worried about uncertain future foodservices, CALL US … we can support your business with return-to-work practicalities, with the most RELEVANT, RELIABLE, TIMELY solutions to meet the needs of the people who matter the most to YOU – it’s what we’ve been doing for our clients throughout 2021!

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