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Month: March 2020

TAF Catering Consultancy Month End BLOG | March 2020 | COVID-19 Hits UK Hospitality

Month End Status

Well what a month end post to launch with for MARCH 2020!

From the very beginning of TAF’s existence, back at the end of 2018, it was my intention to post a month end blog. It never actually happened because I underestimated just how the TAF Catering Consultancy would take off and how busy we would be; it’s been hectic since day one, 1st November 2018.

That was until two weeks ago when we went into “self isolation” with the rest of the UK, back on Wednesday 23rd March 2020. Then there was THAT surreal national broadcast, with everyone in the UK bleakly gathered around TV, PC, laptop and/or smart phone to witness our Prime Minster’s clear instruction to stay at home and only leave your house “to shop for basic necessities (food, medicine and exercise) and if you did leave the house to distance yourself from anyone else by two metres”. The term “self isolation” was one we would never have considered to roll off the tongue so frequently but then that was before the Coronavirus Outbreak or COVID-19 shook our planet to its core.

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Foodservice Business Continuity Plan | Download our FREE Template to help you TODAY!


Today we’re waking up to the unpredictability of what’s being dubbed the “CORONAVIRUS BUDGET”. Novice Chancellor Rishi Sunak gives his first budget to a country in crisis post-Brexit and already we suspect there could be serious implications for our Foodservices Sector.

Do you currently manage a catering, hospitality or foodservice facility and worried about the impact of CORONAVIRUS in catering for a depleted onsite population? If you haven’t already written a Business Continuity Plan to deal with the unfolding crisis, then ACT NOW, with TAF supporting your first steps. READ…

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March 2020 CROP WATCH Report with TAF Catering Consultancy

Huge pressures face today’s UK foodservices. The impact of climate change and its severe weather implications are already significantly affecting our food supply.

READ the below infographic to access TAF’s KEY CROPS TO WATCH so that you and your catering teams can prepare more sustainable menus, plan menus better and control purchasing budgets more effectively TODAY!

ALEX MINGONI | Consultant

If you’re in Facilities, Foodservice Procurement or just interested in managing your food costs better… Contact us if you want to transform your foodservices TODAY at !

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