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Month: April 2019

NEW Clink Charity Ad; Serving Thyme Reduces Reoffending

TAF Clink CharityLast Thursday 28th March, there was a breakfast debate at The Clink Restaurant at HMP Brixton about the ‘City of London: Prison and Prisoners’, where Alderman William Russell – due to be Lord Mayor of the City 2019/2020 subject to election – was the guest speaker. It was both an intimate yet very sobering session, one I was privileged to attend.

A recent Justice Data Lab Report says a Clink graduate is a WHOPPING 49.6% less likely to reoffend having been through training.

5 Things to Know:

  1. Today there are circa. 84,000 prisoners in the UK; 80,000 men and 4,000 women
  2. 49% of prisoners reoffend within one year of release
  3. If a sentence is less than 12 months, that figure rises to 66%
  4. Reoffending costing the UK Taxpayer a total of £15bn a year
  5. There is a huge skills shortage in UK hospitality

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My Own Private Galapagos & Blue Planet Adventure 2018

Did you SEE Blue Planet Live last night folks? Imagine a world without the "blue" to our planet. WATCH #mygalapagos, it's my personal collection of photos and videos my hubby & I took in the Galapagos just 6 months ago on our eco-holiday (fuelled by David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II).

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