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Month: January 2021

TAF Catering Consultancy Tells Facilitate Magazine COVID is Game-Changer for UK Contract Catering

Tracey Fairclough, managing director and senior consultant at TAF Catering Consultancy, welcomed the (Coverpoint) comprehensive report. She told Facilitate that the pandemic was “a game changer” for the profession and there was bound to be more focus on employee wellbeing. “For instance, food services in companies are talking more to FM and HR to help support the wellbeing of workers,” she said.

She added: “During the pandemic, various catering companies pivoted to make good use of ingredients and food to help charities and children.” Fairclough believes socially minded behaviour like this will continue and she also said that workplaces now had an opportunity to provide a more tailored “healthy and immune-boosting” food offer to workers that will be more in demand in the future.

CLICK here for the full article NOW: Food Industry Will Need To Cater To Workers WIth Immune Boosting Food Post Pandemic


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