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Tracey Fairclough WINS SME NEWS Foodservice MD of the Year 2022

TAF Catering Consultancy is today delighted to announce its Managing Director and Founder has been AWARDED the 2022 SME NEWS Foodservice MD of the Year 2022.

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  1. SME News Managing Director of the Year Awards focus on those at the forefront of UK businesses.
  2. SME News highlight those showing excellence in leadership/commitment/determination in the past 12 months.
  3. SME News say those at the forefront of UK businesses have changed/adapted to prove strength and versatility.
  4. SME News advocate they accommodated remote working to keep teams/clients safe with ever-changing rules.
  5. SME News celebrate momentous contributions leaders made to UK social/environmental/economic business.
  6. SME News recognise now a crucial time to showcase MDs who’ve kept businesses afloat, improving dynamics.
  7. SME News awards are based on merit (not votes) rewarding on industry excellence/client commitment/service.


  • “After such a tumultuous few years, it’s an incredible honour to have been nominated” says Founder and Managing Director, Tracey Fairclough, “let alone, win such an illustrious award, when so many leaders have had to dig deep to keep their businesses afloat. I can’t even begin to thank the SME NEWS awards team for the amazingly accolade.” 
  • “With this said, you’re never alone. So whilst it would appear TAF’s foodservice consultancy has changed and adapted to prove strength and versatility to accommodate the shift to working remotely, keeping our consultants, clients and caterers and those in our network safe and engaged, we were all paddling in the same proverbial boat.
  • Firstly, that boat cautiously navigated the pandemic ocean, then, this year, changed course through wartime Europe and the super sensitive economic ripples affecting hospitality labour and food prices. The challenges are not over.”


  • SME NEWS | For taking the time to recognise foodservice innovation this year, drawing from your extensive UK wide network of industry insiders who provide you with the latest news, cutting edge features and latest deals from across the UK SME landscape. I am humbled by SME NEWS, the awarding organisation… THANK YOU.
  • CONSULTANT PARTNERS | I wouldn’t be where I am today today if it weren’t for Alex Mingoni, for her genius that drives us forward, for her resilience and being a close and valued confidante, colleague and friend. We’ve talked throughout and she’s always been “there” unquestioning, supportive and engaged. A most invaluable relationship. THANK YOU. To the other consultants we’ve worked with too; we’ve been lucky enough to recruit nineteen other specialists (brand technicians, chefs, food safety experts, hr specialist, photographer, production companies – esp. my husband’s company Buzz Production), since January 2021, to support those in facilities around essential services, City of London firms and Nationwide corporate company workplace catering… THANK YOU.
  • CORPORATE CLIENTS | TAF wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our wonderful clients, all 25 of them, for believing in us to invest in our work for them. And, goodness, the challenges those in Facilities have faced since March 2020, the mind boggles; to go from housing and feeding 2000 employees in a single building to accommodating and nourishing 2000 people in 2000 home working environments… I’m amazed they’re all still standing, smiling and spirited. To those who’ve employed us, they’re the true heroes and have played such a significant part of our business, employing us to be extensions to theirs (law firms, insurance firms, nationwide banks, accountants, tech firms, property companies and other consultancy businesses, whom we’ve supported) … THANK YOU.
  • CORPORATE CATERERS | To all the 44+ caterers in our network, you know who you are; you are the reason we’re still in this business. For if it weren’t for your proud and inspiring stories of foodservice innovations and overcoming pandemic and wartime challenges, we would not have been able to keep as engaged with our clients and other consultants. So, to those of you who have battled onwards, through people and food shortages, and driven upwards, keeping strong, focused and determined, I salute you and … THANK YOU.
  • AND FINALLY | And so to, last, but by no means least, James Fairclough, my gorgeous husband, for being my rock on TAF’s journey and vision to improve people at work’s lives through innovative, inspiring and evolving foodservices and hospitality. For believing in me, and supporting me, from our humble beginnings to what is turning into a defining and heavyweight year… THANK YOU.

I feel amazing today which is why I wanted to share my stupendous news and THANK everyone who’s been there with me, on my journey. TAF is busier than we’ve ever been. In fact, here we are, May 2022, the landscape of contract hospitality changed forever but having worked hard throughout 2021, travelling over 10,000 miles, completing our biggest projects to date, investing time and money in our people and the latest consumer reports, engaging over 40 caterers, presenting to thought-leaders and writing our pioneering TAFTALKS insights reports for our clients… we’ve come out the other side, with an amazing accolade to reward us. May this be inspiration to you dear reader, all is not lost, when you stay focused and remember …

“None of us is as smart as all of us”

(Ken Blanchard, management expert and author of the famous book “The One Minute Manager”).

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