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My Own Private Galapagos & Blue Planet Adventure 2018

Did you SEE Blue Planet Live last night folks? Imagine a world without the "blue" to our planet. WATCH #mygalapagos, it's my personal collection of photos and videos my hubby & I took in the Galapagos just 6 months ago on our eco-holiday (fuelled by David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II).

Now imagine a planet without that?! TRY NOT TO THINK CLIMATE CHANGE IS SOMEONE ELSE’S PROBLEM, ACT NOW, you can do your bit, no matter how small.

If you’re in foodservices and need a hand rethinking your plastics policy. Grab a copy of our SUP Spotlight Report by clicking on the following link.

Alternatively why not come to our Climate Change Seminar later this year! Follow TAF’s blog to find out WHEN, WHERE, WHO, HOW and WHY you can do your bit!

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