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COVID-19 | 12 Steps to Social Distancing in Staff Restaurants – Customer Initiatives

According to Public Health England, COVID-19 can be spread when people with it have close, sustained contact with others who are not infected.

So, when UK businesses reopen their doors and their people go back to work, company staff restaurants will need to be fit for purpose, to help prevent a resurgence of the outbreak.

As a business or as a caterer, you should now start thinking of unprecedented measures to reduce social contacts in foodservices, front and back of house, to help control the outbreak, even if it means adapting the environment drastically.

This infographic identifies, for us, as a catering consultancy, some measures that could mean companies practice safe social distancing in their staff restaurants and focus on immune-boosting menus.

Below: Infographic | Transforming Person to Person Transmission Hot Spots | Why? To protect CUSTOMERS 
























READ the government general guidance on social distancing NOW so you and your catering team can start to prepare your staff for a brighter future TODAY! See

LOOK OUT for our next Infographic “Transforming Person to Person Transmission Hot Spots | Why? To protect CATERERS”.

TRACEY FAIRCLOUGH | Consultant & Managing Director

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