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COVID-19 | Corporate Foodservice Survey (the clients perspective)

UK foodservice operators today have to work harder than ever, further having to adapt, evolve, innovate, communicate and reassure corporate clients (and we know this because we’ve talked to over 30 contract caterers in these last couple of weeks of May).

On the back of a conversation with one of the caterers, we approached 50 corporate companies directly to ask them what the “new normal” looks like to understand, for ourselves, first hand, a sense of market trends (the clients perspective).

CLICK on the below image to see the results and read the entire article published in Hospitality and Catering News.

We approached the largest (mostly global) businesses we knew – including those representing financial, legal and real estate (to name a few).

We suggest that, if you’re a catering provider for corporate clients, appreciate concerns around:

1. PPE (it MUST be certified),
2. Phasing (it MUST be client specific) and
3. Furlough (you MUST talk to clients).

UK foodservice operators have to adapt, evolve, innovate, communicate and reassure corporate clients. 

Doing all of the above means foodservice operators will be steps closer to retaining client contracts. Why? Because clients will trust them to eradicate uncertainty, minimise risk and lead them through the “new normal” which will be what THEY will need it to be.

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If you are a corporate organisation with a staff restaurant that needs to open again soon and need some fresh, forward-thinking, app-savvy, sustainability-focused assistance, contact us to project manage your catering consultancy needs.

TRACEY FAIRCLOUGH | Consultant & Managing Director

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