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Exclusive Report: SUP Spotlight On UK FoodServices 2019

TAF reportSpecial Report on Single Use Plastics

TAF Catering Consultancy’s latest UK Foodservice sector special report focuses on the challenge of Single Use Plastics within the UK Foodservice Sector today.

The report is the only in-depth review and benchmark of its kind looking at how UK foodservices are dealing with the challenges around single use plastics today.

As a result of changing societal views, as well as governmental, local and global initiatives setting a course to change our behaviour to sustain the planet, TAF want to inspire UK Foodservices to drive A Plastic (free) Pollution Revolution with their first-of-a-kind report.

 Report content – 7 Key Areas:

    1. Foreword by Jim McNeill, one of the world’s most experienced polar explorers and logistician on BBC landmark productions such as Frozen Planet, Human Planet and The Natural World series
    2. Detailed statistics on governmental, global and local initiatives
    3. Foodservice sector plastic policy benchmark of Grocery Retailers, Food Franchises, Foodservice Companies
    4. Case study examples and success rates
    5. The future of the plastic pledge in London
    6. Recommendations to consider your own SUP Policy
    7. 90-Page report in digital format

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