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Simon Sinek | The Infinite Game

Simon Sinek - Taf Catering ConsultancyI was only recently introduced (figuratively speaking) to Simon Sinek by Carey, back in November 2018 – in the early days of TAF Catering Consultancy. What an introduction. It lead to me, in an almost obsessed stalker-like manor, desperately seeking Simon out on his next visit to the UK. Hey presto, it’s just 3 months later and I’m seated here in Central Hall, Westminster (London, UK) with around a thousand others just like me, waiting to be inspired to ACT, to CHANGE, to THINK DIFFERENTLY. Simon did not disappoint.

In a nutshell, his latest anecdotal talk was all about “Discovering The Infinite Game” in order for us to create a unique CODE for ourselves which he coined “5 Life Lessons”:

      1. HAVE A JUST CAUSE | Create an ideal future state to give your work meaning / purpose
      2. TRUST IN YOUR TEAM | Create an environment where people can work to their best in a trusting team!
      3. HAVE A WORTH ADVERSARY | Create a rival, someone better than you; not to hate but to admire and respect, to allow you to stay on the game, on your game.
      4. BE EXISTENTIALLY FLEXIBLE | In a finite game, the game ends. In an infinite game, the players stop play. Create ways to ensure you, as a player, stay in the game? Find a better way to advance your cause.
      5. HAVE COURAGE TO LEAD | Challenge the system. Stand up & say ‘No!’. Be the first. Say “I don’t know what I’m doing.” Admit fallibility. Play to win.

So, if – like me – you want to ACT, to CHANGE, to THINK DIFFERENTLY and you haven’t heard about Mr Sinek, then I suggest watching his (now famous) TED talk on You Tube in which he shows how great leaders should and could inspire everyone to take action. Watch here.

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