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Tracey Fairclough, TAF’s Managing Director, comments in a key article today in Hospitality & Catering News, one of the foodservice and hospitality sector’s leading journals, saying:

Tracey Fairclough - TAF Catering Consultancy

“Foodservice is now more than ever a priority for employers, creating workplace foodservice that helps employees to choose to stay inside workplaces during work hours minimises transmission risk, and maximises productivity.”

READ HERE to see who else commented in the same piece to show you how the contract catering landscape looks at the beginning of August 2020:


If you are a corporate client organisation with a workplace staff restaurant that needs to open again soon and need some fresh, forward-thinking, app-savvy, sustainability-focused assistance, contact us to project manage your catering consultancy needs.

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COVID-19 | Workplace Foodservices post Pandemic (The Caterers’ Perspectives)

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. | MARGARET MEAD

UK foodservices have worked tirelessly to adapt, evolve & create a “new normal”. See what 23 Caterers say (see below), in representing the hard working 2nd largest sector in the UK and the mood of the foodservice sector.

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COVID-19 | UK High Street Retailers Inspire Workplace Foodservice

On Monday 15th June 2020, the UK’s high streets opened for the first time in three months, a significant move for 2020 post lockdown. To understand the measures in place to ensure safe customer experiences, TAF visited 13 UK high street (non-essential) retailers:

1) Argos  | 2) EE | 3) Greggs | 4) H&M | 5) JD Sports | 6) John Lewis | 7) M&S | 8) PRET | 9) Primark | 10) Sports Direct | 11) Starbucks | 12) Top Shop  13) Vodafone

This article presents an overview of 5 “Covid-19 secure” initiatives retailers implemented that inspired us for applying to workplace foodservices:

  1. Essential Digital Communications
  2. Enhanced Sanitising Regimes
  3. Effective Customer Engagement
  4. Proactive Customer Flow Management
  5. A Common Safety Measure: Protective Screens



























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COVID-19 | Corporate Foodservice Survey (the clients perspective)

UK foodservice operators today have to work harder than ever, further having to adapt, evolve, innovate, communicate and reassure corporate clients (and we know this because we’ve talked to over 30 contract caterers in these last couple of weeks of May).

On the back of a conversation with one of the caterers, we approached 50 corporate companies directly to ask them what the “new normal” looks like to understand, for ourselves, first hand, a sense of market trends (the clients perspective).

CLICK on the below image to see the results and read the entire article published in Hospitality and Catering News.

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COVID-19 | Free Social Distancing Advice for Foodservices

The next few weeks will be crucial for staff restaurants and their supply chains, as businesses that prop up UK economy ramp up to pre COVID-19 to support the health and wellbeing of workforces going back to work. After three months “lost in time”, it’s most critical for staff restaurants feeding the UK economy to maximise the provision of safe and immune-boosting menus as soon as possible.

With businesses re-opening offices, even if to those on foot or within (non-public transport) commutable distances, post COVID-19 staff restaurants must adapt foodservice premises and procedures to keep catering staff and their workforces safe.

TAF today announces FREE professional advice on social distancing and safe operation to foodservice operators managing staff restaurants, through My Compliance People.

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On Sunday 10th May 2020, Boris Johnson offered hope to #ukhospitality outlining the COVID alert level plan and signalling a return to work. I wrote “Foodservice The New Normal” to support UK foodservices in the workplace beyond COVID-19.

CLICK here for the article:

As Boris sought to inspire the British Public against the invisible killer, he said: “We will come back to health. The UK will be changed , more resilient, innovative, more economically dynamic, more generous and sharing.”

Here are our ten key considerations to review when designing future staff restaurants to create the ‘new normal’, based on the latest assessments of Covid-19 market intelligence.

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In celebrating VE Day on Friday, I sought inspiration from our post war time efforts which lead to my 1st article in Hospitality & Catering News article “Foodservice Adapting to Reopening”.

CLICK here to go to the published article:

Important to seek inspiration from history, esp. World War II where some 75 million people died. We had to rebuild our country 75 years ago; we can jolly well collectively do it much quicker with positive mental attitude today.

And if you don’t believe in Boris… it might seem more fitting to reiterate our beloved Queen’s Speech from Friday to the people of UK… “NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER DESPAIR.”

Celebrating victory in Europe on VE Day, we now need to come out of the pandemic with optimism, enthusiasm, collaboration, ambition and … drive victory on Coronavirus “VC Day”.

Be strong ukfoodservices and praise the fantastic efforts of UKHospitality, heed my words, foodservice will rise up to be more powerful than ever before! 

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According to Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, the UK’s lockdown needs to be eased carefully, meaning social distancing will remain for “some time”. With Mr Raab hinting at some ways schools, sport and businesses could begin to return to “a new normal”, we created a Spot The Difference last week, mainly for the businesses we provide catering consultancy for.


We wanted to imagine the “new normal” world of foodservices in workplace contract catering and foodservices, post COVID-19. So last week we challenged you to spot 20 differences between our two TAF Corporate Workplace Staff Restaurant Serveries – one before and one post COVID-19 .

CLICK  on the below for our video showing the differences, as we saw them as a catering consultancy.


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Yesterday, a NEW YouGov survey suggested that over 50% customers say they do not feel safe going out for food today. Remember how important this will be when your organisation opens its doors again for employees to return, post COVID-19, and you’re the one responsible for foodservices and will the need to cater for your employees in the workplace again.

Competition motivates and drives people to excel, and enables people to learn and benefit from their strengths and weaknesses. | DR T. P. CHIA


We challenge you to spot and list the 20 differences between our two TAF Corporate Workplace Staff Restaurant Serveries – one before and one post COVID-19 . Hint: Focus on the servery area and concentrate on what will matter, from the customer’s safety perspective (given the survey’s results).


So how do you think you got on? Watch this space and we’ll post the answers in a video on Monday.

For us, this is about challenging the grey matter, whilst in #lockdown!


Why is this relevant for us? This little exercise is designed to inspire those in facilities management, contract catering and foodservices to think differently and to put yourselves in the shoes of your customers and address the question that will be of vital importance to them… WHY?

WHY will the people you are responsible for feeding every day, your customers, your employees – prefer to eat inside the workplace (and not outside it)? It’s important to remember the role you will play in protecting your employees.

Best of luck, let us know how you get on and remember … stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives!

TRACEY FAIRCLOUGH | Consultant & Managing Director

If you’re in Foodservices, Facilities, Foodservice Procurement or need advice on how to support a best practice approach to a whole new world of foodservices in 2020, to look at how to redesign your staff restaurant and virus-proof your foodservices post COVID-19 … Contact us TODAY at !

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